Diocese of Santa Rosa

Tuition Assistance

Each of the Catholic schools of the diocese charges tuition. The cost of tuition varies from school to school. The average tuition cost for the elementary schools in 2014-2015 is $5,900 and for high schools $13,100. There is a difference — a gap— between this tuition cost and the actual per pupil cost of education at each Catholic school. This (average) gap at the elementary level in 2014-15 was $1,515 per student and at the high school level $1,858.  Because the schools must bridge this gap, there are a variety of ways that schools generate other forms of revenue. Two such ways that impact parents include donor-solicitation and event-based fundraising. As with the cost of tuition itself, each school is unique in what it asks of parents beyond the tuition obligation.


Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Each Catholic school has provisions for awarding scholarships and/or financial assistance. The amounts, the requirements and the determination regarding such are set by the school itself. Parents may inquire of the school regarding scholarships/financial assistance.

The diocese, itself, provides Aquinas Scholarships for some elementary school families.  Information about Aquinas Scholarships is accessible through the local elementary school.  Applications are submitted online. The window to apply for these scholarships for 2015-16 opens Feb. 1, 2016 and closes Mar. 15. There are a limited number of Aquinas Scholarships. They are reserved for Catholic families whose financial need is verified by the submission of family financial data to a company that advises the diocese about need.

For parents who are new to a Catholic school in either Napa or Sonoma County, scholarships from The Basic Fund (based in San Francisco) may be available.  Parents should inquire of the local school about eligibility for this scholarship.

For parents of St. Rose students and Cardinal Newman High School students, a scholarship from the Dewey and Irene Baldocchi Trust Fund may be available. Inquiries about such should be directed to the administration of either school.