Diocese of Santa Rosa

A Divine Encounter

“Consecrated life is born and reborn of an encounter with Jesus as he is: poor, chaste and obedient. We journey along a double track: on the one hand, God’s loving initiative, from which everything starts and to which we must always return; on the other, our own response, which is truly loving when it has no “ifs” or “buts”, when it imitates Jesus in his poverty, chastity 
and obedience. 
 “Whereas the life of this world attempts to take hold of us, the consecrated life turns from fleeting riches to embrace the One who endures forever. The life of this world pursues selfish pleasures and desires; the consecrated life frees our affections of every possession in order fully to love God and other 

“Worldly life aims to do whatever we want; consecrated life chooses humble obedience as the greater freedom. And while worldly life soon leaves our hands and hearts empty, life in Jesus fills us with peace to the very end, as in the Gospel, where Simeon and Anna come happily to the sunset of their lives with the Lord in their arms and joy in their hearts.” ~ Pope Francis on Religious Life 

Discernment Resources

The Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa were founded in 2012 at the invitation of Bishop Robert Vasa to serve the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) provides vocational discernment resources and links to all the communities of women religious represented by the CMSWR.

The Institute on Religious Life  (IRL) promotes and supports the growth, development, and renewal of the consecrated life—particularly vowed religious life—as a gift to the Church and an evangelical witness to the world. They offer links to congregations of men and women religious, discernment resources, and information concerning consecrated life.