Insurance Quick Reference Giude

Diocese of Santa Rosa
Insurance Quick Reference Guide
For Accidents and Injury (Non Employee, Non Volunteer)
or Damage to Property

►  In case of an accident and/or injury to visitors, students, parishioners or other outside parties

     or damage to property under the Diocese of Santa Rosa’s insurance program:

  •  Obtain emergency assistance, if necessary. (Call 911 for paramedics, ambulance, fire or police.)
  • Take action to protect life and/or minimize property damage by restricting access to a hazardous area and by immediately addressing emergency repairs or clean up.
  • Take photos of area where injury occurred and/or of the damaged property. Make sure to provide the date of and time that the photo was taken and by whom.
  •  Do not make statements regarding fault or liability when an accident occurs.
  •  Complete the General Liability Incident Reporting Form with as much detail as possible. Fax completed General Liability Incident Report Form to:

Traci Melby

The Catholic Mutual Group
10843 Old Mill Road
Omaha, NE 681542600
FAX #: (402) 551-2943
Phone: 800-228-6108 ext 2437

  •    Send a copy of all incident reports to:

Diocese of Santa Rosa
ATTN: Department of Property and Risk Management
P.O. Box 1297
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Fax: (707) 542-9702

►  These instructions do not apply for Workers’ Compensation claims (injuries to Diocesan employees or volunteers). Workers’ compensation claims for all locations must be reported immediately following the Workers Compensation Claims Reporting Quick reference Guide (Click Here)

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