World Youth Day Reports!

July 1st, Feast Of St. Junipero Serra On this first feast day of St. Junipero Serra, patron of both pilgrimage and missions here in the Golden State, we launch this Blog for the pilgrims from the Santa Rosa Diocese! Please check back here often to find out how things are going with everything from the prepartations, to the events, to the road back and followup!
Please keep these pilgrims from the Diocese of Santa Rosa in your prayers daily!
Fr. John Boettcher Chaplain
Bella Hernandez
Daniel Eggers
David Figueroa
David Haymond
David Vissers
Dominic Figueroa
Elizabeth Figueroa
Fatima Jimenez
Grace Haymond
Hannah Broswick
Jennifer Barranco
John Cortenbach
Josiah Ennis
Katie Uemura
Kyle Huss
Lily Hernandez
Martin Anderson
Maryjean Greitl
Matthew Flaherty
Megan Quinn
Nancy Haymond
Olivia Figueroa
Rafael Figueroa
Sr Caritas Marie
Sr Maria Faustina
Stella McNeil Matteoli
To find out more: July 25-31, 2016 World Youth Day (Poland) please visit:

Some of the Pilgrims from our Diocese

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