Diocese of Santa Rosa


A. RCIA is only for (1) a non-baptized person who will be baptized, receive Confirmation & Holy Communion preferably during the Easter Vigil Mass and (2) a baptized non-Catholic person who will make a Profession of Faith and receive Confirmation and Holy Communion.

–          Note 1: The marital status of a non-baptized person and a baptized non-Catholic person (including the status of the spouse) is to be determined in a personal interview with the priest.  The Tribunal will provide to the priest the questions to be asked.  Questions will help the priest determine if there is a case and what type of nullity case either spouse may have.  Case(s) then submitted to the Tribunal can be in the RCIA process but will not be baptized or received into the Church until nullity case receives an affirmative decision.

–          Note 2: Rite of Election is only for non-baptized persons & baptized non-Catholic persons.

–          Note 3: Enter baptism of baptized person and Profession of Faith baptized & non-Catholic person in Baptism Register.  Enter Confirmation & nullity and marriage, if applicable.

B. RCIA Directors may assist the pastor complete the Diocesan “RCIA Standard In-Take Form.”  This form should be completed and submitted to the Office of the Judicial Vicar.

Diocesan RCIA Standard In-Take Form (Form 200)