Diocese of Santa Rosa

Diocesan Finance Council

The Most Reverend Robert Vasa
Reverend Msgr. Daniel Whelton
Reverend Balaswamy Govindu
Reverend Alvin Villaruel
Joseph Barrera
Doug Boileau
Daniel Catone
Evert Fernandez
Anna Hickey
Stephen Imboden
Chris Lyford
Martin McCormick
Phil Myers
Dan Prince
Dave Adams, Staff
Kim Sampietro, Staff
Dan Galvin, Legal Counsel


Committees of the Diocese

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Finance Council Meeting Highlights

The highlights are digests of important decisions and updates from the regular meetings of the diocesan finance council. To view the highlights of a meeting, please select from the list below.







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Diocesan Advisory Council Executive Board

Lou Bull
Stella Agudelo
Mel Amato
Phil Minor
Len Mirabella
Steve Ericson
Deacon Gary Moore
Julie Parnow
Tony Sacramento
Michael Wall