Diocese of Santa Rosa

Most Reverend Robert F. Vasa
Sixth Bishop of Santa Rosa

Bishop Robert F. Vasa was born in Lincoln,Neb., May 7, 1951.

Priestly Ordination

  • Date of priestly ordination: May 22, 1976
  • Place: Lincoln, Neb.
  • Ordained by: Bishop Glennon Patrick Flavin
Episcopal Appointments
  • Date of episcopal appointment: Nov. 19, 1999
  • Date of episcopal consecration: Jan. 26, 2000
  • Place: Baker, Ore.
  • Appointed coadjutor bishop of Santa Rosa: Jan. 24, 2010
  • Date installed: Mar. 6, 2011
  • Succeeded as bishop of Santa Rosa: Jun. 30, 2011
Phone: 707.566.3344
Fax: 707.542.9702

Vicar General,  Moderator of the Curia, Chancellor,  Vicar for Priests

The Vicar General assists the Diocesan Bishop in the governance of the entire Diocese.  Moderator of the Curia coordinates  the administrative responsibilities of the Diocese and ensures that the members of the chancery fulfill their responsibilities.  Chancellor notarizes  curial acts and safeguards the archives.
Reverend Samuel Moses Brown
Diocese of Santa Rosa
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