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The official voice of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Santa Rosa. Its mission is to serve as a vehicle for the bishop to “speak” with the people of the diocese and for the community of faithful to communicate with and amongst one another.

The publication appears bi-monthly, in a 24-page magazine format. Its focus is to provide readers with information, ideas and inspiration that can forward both the growth and development of faith, and their responsible and active participation in the ministries and governance of the Church.

Each issue is loosely organized around a central theme, which often corresponds to a timely event or season of the liturgical year. The theme is chosen to expand our understanding and awareness of the various works, teachings and ministries of the diocese and the Church as a whole. In addition to the theme article(s), each issue includes standard features such as: 

  • The bishop’s message (English and Spanish)
  • Profiles on Catholics putting their faith into action
  • Columns on marriage and parenting
  • YouthmMinistries
  • Parish / clergy updates
  • Catholic schools
  • Diocesan financial information and updates
  • Announcements and events

While newsworthy events cannot be covered in an immediate, up-to-the-minute fashion, the newsletter is committed to publishing appropriate reflections and commentary on those events, consistent with the teachings of the Bishop and the Church. These may include articles submitted by parishioners or others, as well as those drawn from wider sources.

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