Clergy Consultative Bodies

Presbyteral Council:

The Presbyteral Council (Priests’ Council) is a representative body of the priests of the Diocese.  The council is made up of five deans and five deanery representatives, an at large representative,  two appointees by the Bishop and the Vicar General who is ex-officio.  All incardinated priests of the Diocese, priests not incardinated in the Diocese and all Religious priests who reside in the Diocese and have the faculties of the Diocese,  are eligible to vote for the dean  and the deanery representative of the specific deanery where they reside.  The at large representative is elected by the presbyterate.

Although priests’ councils are consultative in nature, in certain cases the Bishop is obliged to consult them, (for example, on the advisability of calling a diocesan synod, modification of parishes, norms for parish counsel, construction or sale of a church, fixing the amount of stole fees and the imposition of a diocesan tax). When the Diocese becomes vacant the presbyteral council ceases to exist

Presbyteral Council Members:  September 2012 – September 2015

Rev. Michael Cloney (Dean–Humboldt/Del Norte)

Rev. Ismael Mora, JCL (Representative–Humboldt/Del Norte)

Rev. Ron Serban  (Dean- Mendocino/Lake)

Rev. Sean Rogers (Representative–Mendocino Lake)

Rev. Angelito Peries (Dean–Napa)

Rev. William Donahue (Representative–Napa)

Rev. Michaelraj Philominsamy (Dean–Sonoma North)

Rev. David Shaw (Representative–Sonoma North)

Rev. Raul Lemus (Dean–Sonoma South)

Rev. Carlos Ortega (Represenative—Sonoma South)

Rev. Sean Rogers (Representative at Large)

Rev. Luis Penaloza (Appointed by the Bishop)

Rev. Oscar Diaz (Appointed by the Bishop)

Rev. Msgr. Dan Whelton (Ex officio)

College of Consultors:  

 A group of six or more priests chosen by the Bishop for a five year term from among the members of the presbsyteral counsel to exercise functions prescribed by canon law where the Bishop requires their consent .

College of Consultors: September 2010 – September 2015

Rev. Michael Cloney

Rev. Raul Lemus

Rev. Angelito  Peries

Rev. Michaelraj  Philominsamy

Rev. Ron Serban

Rev. Msgr. Daniel  Whelton.

Parish Priest Consultors:

Msgr. Gerard Brady

Rev.  Oscar  Diaz 

Rev. Michael Kelly

Rev. Michaelraj Philominsamy

Clergy  Personnel Board:

Rev. Frank Epperson: Group 1 (Term expires 2014)

Rev. Michaelraj Philominsamy: Group 2 (Term expires 2013)

Rev. Angelito  Peries: Group 3 (Term expires 2013)

Rev. Raul Lemus: Spanish speaking (Term Expires 2014)

Rev. Gerard Gormley:  Humboldt/DelNorte Deanery (Term Expires 2014)

Rev. Msgr. Daniel  Whelton (ex-officio).

Priests Pension Board:                                                 

Rev. Loren Allen (Term expires 2015)                                           

Rev. William Donahue (Term expires 2013)               

Rev. Gordon Kalil  (Term Expires 2015)                       

Rev. Fergal McGuinness (Term expires 2013)            

Rev. David Shaw (Term expires 2014)                  

Rev. Msgr. Daniel Whelton (Term expires 2014)                 

Priests Benefits Committee:

Rev. Denis O’Sullivan (Term expires 2013) 

Rev. William Donahue (Term expires 2013)

Rev. David Shaw (Term expires 2013)

Rev. Msgr. Daniel Whelton (Term expires 2013)        

Deacon Community Board:

Deacon James Carr, Director

Deacan Michael and Ann Simmons

Deacn Mike Heinzelman

Deacn Ray and Jean Noll

Deacon Jesus and Rosa Maria Fernandez

Deacon Ruben and Almia de los Santos

Deacon Frank and Marilyne Dahl

Deacon John and Gail Gai

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